Lipoxitral™ PHC G-001PFC is a plant based fibre complex made from organic prickly pear cactus. Lipoxitral™ is rich in fibres that bind fats without pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effect on the human body.

Lipoxitral™ was developed after many years of intensive natural compound research and scientific validation of its efficacy and safety. A high performance screening system and sophisticated separation techniques eliminate the harmful components from the beneficial and functional dietary fibres of the extract. These are important processes that enable total traceability while ensuring the consistent quality of Lipoxitral™. Lipoxitral™ further undergoes a patented granulation process that retains the natural qualities of the source together with the natural fat binding capacity of the fibres therein.

To ensure optimal safety and efficacy, the highly purified Lipoxitral™ is developed into effective formulations using state-of-the art processes and pharmaceutical production technology, which are then investigated in clinical studies prior to their introduction into the markets.

Lipoxitral™ is an effective tool for weight management that works mechanically, without exerting systemic effects on the body. As a result of this mode of action, products made with Lipoxitral™ are certified as a medical device for long-term use under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Lipoxitral™ is a trademark of Prosanita Healthcare Limited. Lipoxitral™ is exclusively manufactured and distributed worldwide by Prosanita Healthcare Limited.